Franchisors Explain Their Success With Us in Selling Franchises
Franchise Buyer Marketing Success with Jonathan Payne, MD Xpresso Mobile Cafe
Franchise Buyer presents Dream Doors with Derek Lilly
Franchise Buyer Marketing Success with Neil McMillan, MD Fifo Capital
More Feedback From Franchisors

"Our expansion all coincided with starting to work very closely with Franchise Buyer"

Neil McMillan, Managing Director, Fifo Capital.

"I've brought Franchise Buyer marketing across with me in varying roles in different franchise companies. Each time it has delivered me franchise sales and a strong ROI. I've always invested in their combined packages of digital, email marketing and print publications which are really well targeted. All this combined gives us high and cost effective profile building, along with instant lead generation - which are the fundamentals of growing a franchise brand."

Richard Garraway, General Manager, Time For You.

"The result has been excellent."

Mike Fuller, Mega 7.

"The best value and most innovative product offer in the marketplace - bar none right now."

Grant Garraway, The Franchise Shop.

Why you need to work with us

We have cultivated the best opportunity seeker database in franchising in Australia. Our alliances with franchise broker firms and consultants, mean we can present your brand in front of thousands of people already looking to buy a franchise.

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We’ll work with you to craft a business opportunity seeker focused message and unleash it on our targeted database. Never fall into the trap of sending consumer messages to opportunity seekers and expecting them to be interested.

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Let us get to work on “telling your story” to let the opportunity seeker know all about you. Apart from the spec custom productions, most of our video is produced at no extra cost to your existing marketing campaigns – after all, we’re here to help you grow!

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We keep telling your franchise brand story over and over to our targeted database. We produce a bunch of editorial and place it in our free monthly digital magazine that is sent to our entire database PLUS a number of other alliance databases.

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Well-placed, targeted, niche print publications play a big role in marketing. We’ve nailed the model on print magazines in franchising and nothing rivals what we do. Forget single placement ads, we feature entire digital and multi-media packages!

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Sometimes we all get a bit complex in the way we articulate what we do.
Our animated ‘explainer’ videos enable you to ‘explain’ what you do in a succinct, colourful way to opportunity seekers. Remember, people like to consume information differently.